What We Do

ChildHope Network is motivated by our belief that all children are created in God’s image, valued by Him, and deserving of dignity and respect. We believe that a quality education is essential for all children to reach their potential, especially at-risk children and children living in extreme poverty.

ChildHope Network is committed to life transformation through a holistic approach of physical, emotional, social, educational and spiritual care.  We recognize the value of an indigenous approach where compassion programs rise out of the local context rather than imposed from the outside. As such, a faith based approach is the most effective vehicle for transforming the lives of at-risk children, families and communities.

Child Educational Training Programs – Quality education is essential in the transformation of at-risk children. ChildHope Network provides assistance for these children in the following areas:

  1. Primary & Secondary level schools in marginalized communities
  2. Vocational/technical Training Centers
  3. Learning Centers formal and informal
  4. Parent education Programs
  5. Special Education Programs

Health and Nutrition Programs – Health and nutritional challenges can prevent children from reaching their physical and academic potential. ChildHope Network provides assistance to these children in the following areas:

  1. Feeding programs for children in marginalized communities
  2. Medical Assistance
  3. Preventative Health Education
  4. Dental Care
  5. Disaster Relief

Professional Training Programs – Professional training programs enhance the educator’s potential for meeting the needs of children at risk. ChildHope Network provides training to the educators in the following areas:

  1. In Service training for school staff
  2. Continuing Education
  3. Training Program for Christian Education Instructors

Capital enhancement programs – Investment of resources for construction and equipment is essential to the educational process. ChildHope Network provides resources to the educators of these children in the following areas:

  1. Construction of Schools
  2. Equipment
  3. Vehicles
  4. Audio Visual
  5. Computers
  6. School Furnishings
  7. Library Resources
  8. School Clinics

Community Development Programs – The development and empowerment of the community work to provide basic services and the potential for home and community industry. ChildHope Network provides development assistance to these communities in the following areas:

  1. Micro enterprise/home and community industry
  2. Water filtration systems
  3. Residential electrification